Friday, March 23, 2012


On the eve of the New Democratic Party of Canada's historic leadership selection and the Conservative Party's attack ad campaign against former Ontario NDP Premier Bob Rae, there is a bright spot illuminating against the argument/truism that the NDP would bankrupt the nation if they were ever given the keys to24 Sussex.

Nova Scotia Premier, Darrell Dexter led his province's New Democrats to government on June 24, 2009. Earlier this week, he wrote a letter to the Globe & Mail arguing that New Democrats can govern responsibly.

Nova Scotia’s 27th premier has said that he thinks people have seen the value in working with the provincial government rather than criticizing it. In fact, he takes pride in saying is government has more “partners” than “opponents.”

In a year end interview he said  the plan is to stick to the 2009 plan, which set the government on a four-year path to balance the budget. “We’re on (the) track that we laid out in our first few months of government,” he said. “Every indication that I have … is that we are on track to do what we set out to do. And that means getting through another budget in the spring and looking out another year to the further budget and balance. So we’re going to continue on that track.”

Does the Nova Scotia experience show that the years of Liberal and Conservative monopolies on power are over? That the New Democrats are a credible alternative to lead the nation and other provinces?

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D'Arcy Butler said...


The idea that the NDP would bankrupt us is entirely a myth. Inf fact, someone else has crunched the numbers produced by the federal Department of Finance that proves the NDP have the best track record in the country for balancing budgets.

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