Sunday, March 11, 2012


After watching Premier Dunderdale's interview on CBC's On-Point this weekend, I fear that a pink slip is in my future.

I returned to the public service just last year.  My limited seniority will not hold up for long against the tide of those that will bump into other positions when jobs in Advanced Education and Training are eliminated.

I have never worked in a union shop before, so this process of bumping is all new to me. I have no idea how it works, how much notice I will receive or what the future holds.  What I do know is that a return to the public service, to make the best of the years I have had already punched in terms of a pension, may not have been very timely. It looks like retirement planning is going to be deferred, once again.

Time to dust off my resume, browse the career section of the paper and prepare for change. A proactive plug might be in order.

If you, or someone you know is looking to hire someone with twenty years experience in public relations, project management, community outreach, strategic planning and budgeting, that has: Edited and implemented communications plans; Organized special events; Designed, edited and published brochures, newsletters, annual reports, magazine articles and advertising/corporate displays;  Written fundraising proposals; Designed PowerPoint presentations; Written and distributed press releases; Is proficient in most electronic media and desktop publishing programs including: MS Word, Excel, PowerPoint, SharePoint, InDesign and Publisher; Managed and maintained corporate websites; Experience planning & coordinating community events; Experience with mediation and dispute resolutions; in both the not-for-profit and public sectors,  Drop me a line.

The rock may be on a roll but my personal employment anxiety has just gone into overdrive.