Thursday, March 8, 2012


Kathy Dunderdale's New Energy is taking a beating in the polls as the House of Assembly opens for it's first week of deliberations since last Spring.

The first women Premier of the province won all but 11 seats in last fall's election,  but her popular personality is on the wane.

The latest quarterly poll from Corporate Research Associates carved another 11 points off her personal popularity, bringing her down to an all-time low of 48%. Her party's support is down as well from November.

The PC's were down six points to 54%. These are pretty good numbers for any party, in fact Dunderdale still has a higher approval level than both the NDP leader and the Liberal leader combined!

Still, the support for the PC Party and the leader is eroding ahead of what promises to be a rambunctious  session of the House of Assembly. Dunderdale is facing an increasingly skeptical public over the government's mishandling of the fisheries file, concern about the proposed Muskrat Falls Hydro Electric deal, a devastating Auditor General's report that questioned her administrations financial accounting and expressed concerns about secrecy and transparency.

Both opposition parties received a bounce in public support. The NDP continue to have a double digit lead over the Liberals. The Grits picked up five points for an 18% share of popular support. The NDP set another record for support, rising to 28%. The Liberals continue to trail the NDP Leader, Lorraine Michael as the choice of 22 per cent of respondents as preferred premier.

Dunderdale's numbers and strength in the House of Assembly would be the envy of most politicians in Canada but the level of arrogance, secrecy and character attacks on those with opposing viewpoints is driving support to the opposition parties.

I wonder if any of the pretenders to throne are sharpening their knives for the Premier, that did not want to be leader.

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