Sunday, March 11, 2012


Liam is coming into his own on the ice.

After several years of practice, playing, power skating and more practice he is starting to have a presence on the ice.  We were up bright and early this morning for the bronze meddle game at the Glacier in Mount Pearl for the Atom house league tournament. His team, the Royals lost 3-1, but I was so proud to watch him play his position well.

Liam is a big kid for his age. He has lots of ability but does not take constructive criticism very well.  He would play well for a while, or talk to his friends when he should have been chasing the puck, or clearing it out of his team's zone. That appears to be in the past. He has gotten a little more aggressive and a lot more confident. It exemplifys all the positive aspects of youth hockey

The only downside, today,  was my first encounter with a zealous hockey dad who started shouting at some fans. Apparently, a couple of fans had questioned a penalty call by one of the referees. He overheard it and went postal! Turns out the referee was his son. It was an ugly scene first thing in the morning at a kids hockey game. I really dislike those types of irrational displays of bravado!

I am very proud of my son who has improved not only his skills, but his love of the game.  Xtreme Hockey and St.John's Caps have provided the spark and the fundamental improvements needed to advance his level of play.

The game was fun to watch!

I thought I was going to loose my voice and not be able to read in mass today.

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