Tuesday, March 20, 2012


Cabot Martin, the opposition parties and a few pundits have clamored about the potential of offshore natural gas as an energy source for the province. Nalcor discounted it, saying  previous studies showed it was not the least cost alternative to Muskrat. In fact, the crown corp refused to include it as an option.

Dr. Stephen Bruneau, Assistant Professor of Engineering at Memorial University of Newfoundland, authored a report and a few articles about offshore natural gas. He is offering a lecture on the issues involved with bringing natural gas onshore as a fuel to generate electricity.

Bruneau  will answer any questions you have in a moderated discussion session, following his talk.  Considering the appetite for information related to energy in this province, this event should be informative. Are there sufficient supplies of natural gas to meet the anticipated long-term energy demands on the Island? What are the approximate costs of constructing a pipeline from the Grand Banks to the Island, and of building and operating natural gas turbines? What are the barriers to bringing gas onshore?

The event is sponsored by the Harris Centre.  There will be free admission, free parking in Lot #15b , and a reception will follow the session.

From personal experience, the receptions after the sessions are as informative as the main event.  I have not witnessed a bun fight, but I have been known to instigate a few spats.

Have you ever watched, participated or sat in on one of these public presentations offered by the Harris Centre? What do you think about them as a tool for public policy and citizen engagement?

The event will take place at the Angus Bruneau Centre on March 28 at 7:30 pm.

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