Tuesday, March 20, 2012


The Telegram's Russell Wangersky's Saturday column provides some food for thought on how the P.C. Government in this province skirts the freedom of information legislation in the province at will. He points out a couple of prominent examples where PC Cabinet Ministers have "shared" information that Section 30 of the Access to Information and Privacy Act prohibits disclosure of.

Hypocrisy and flaunting the Access to Information and Privacy Act to hide stuff is nothing new to the government. They break the rules/law whenever they see fit and at the same time they hide behind the same laws when it suits them.

Wangersky's column should be paired with Geoff Meeker's excellent  post, "Cooking Up A Story", which questions the local media's coverage of the Jim Bennett's supposed "threatening call" that scared the bejesus out of Joan Burke and Kathy Dunderdale. It was a crass attempt to manipulate the media and create a story on International Women's Day. The media ran with it, hook, line and sinker! Geoff calls it like he sees it and wonders why the local media didn't do the same.

If you visit the East Block of the Confederation Building which houses the Premier's office and the Government Member's Offices watch out for the banana peels!


Cyril Rogers said...

Peter, we see the same old tired rhetoric by this myopic government all the time. They are hiding in their cocoons and venture out once in a while to sling their poisoned arrows.

What a moronic group, that they can "manufacture" outrage or something as trivial, albeit rash on Bennett's part. They then, as Mr. Wangersky states, manipulate the laws to suit their own propaganda. It is most unfortunate that politics has sunk to its lowest level that I can ever personally recall. Again, it points to the need for real reform and real accountability.

Anonymous said...

So they did not clean up the banana peels after the Liberals were kicked out.

Peter L. Whittle said...

I imagine there are still a few left around, but lets face it, where are the big accomplishments of this current administration? It is fast becoming a farce, a poor paradoy of yes minister?

Talking about the Liberals was fresh for the first term of office, three in - the only thing that counts is your record and right now it is generating editorials like this one.

Anonymous said...


I have a suggestion for you. Provide anonymous (no doubt a tory staffer) with a comparison of anti-democratic examples. NL has become a banana republic. From a benevolent dictator to a tin-pot dictator. Compare the days the leg has sat, the violations of freedom information, intimidation, firings as evidence.

Wm. Murphy said...

Have a a read of Jackson's article in today's Telegram to show how out to lunch and wrong Meeker is about this story. Jackson's assessment about the media is bang on and accurate.
Meekers Post is nothing more than drivel and nonsense