Thursday, March 1, 2012


Liberal M.P. Kristy Duncan's bid to have the federal and  provincial governments to convene a conference of provincial and territorial health ministers within 30 days to begin work on a national strategy, including accelerated clinical trials of Zamboni's procedure, has failed.

Despite the support of 11 Tory MPs, her private members bill was defeated 139 to 133 on second reading in the House of Commons.

Health Minister Leona Aglukkaq had written all MPs last month to outline her objections to the bill.

CCSVI is a term coined by Italian vascular surgeon Paolo Zamboni to describe blocked neck veins that he thinks are linked to MS. Opening the veins using angioplasty - so-called liberation therapy - has relieved the symptoms of some MS patients, but the procedure is not approved in Canada.

CCSVI continues to be  a political hot-potato  Many neurologists—along with the Multiple Sclerosis Society of Canada– expressed concern the procedure was unproven and risky. I have several friends and a sister-in-law that have traveled outside the country for the procedure. They feel it was money well spent

For those suffering with MS it provides hope in the face of a cruel, slow painful death.  I would want to move forward with the treatment and give it a shot based solely on the anecdotal evidence. Canadians should not be forced to mortgage their homes, sell their belongings and fund raise to receive a treatment that takes only hours and can be done here.

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