Tuesday, March 27, 2012


Microsoft announced some pretty interesting updates for the Xbox 360 today.

They have added three new Kinect-capable video apps including on-demand content from Comcast, HBO GO, and MLB.TV. This is huge news for consumers. It is the first time the Comcast giant has made its on-demand content available through a console.

It will be interesting to learn what will happen with on-line cable in Canada. Apparently, streaming Comcast content through your Xbox 360 won't actually count against your monthly data cap if the company provides your internet service as well. A similar arrangement here would be great. So long to caps for watching  via the internet!

I do not know if, or when the HBO and MLB packages will be available in Canada.

My house had been using the XBOX and XBOX360 to stream video and audio for years. Last year we moved into the Apple TV because of the easier compatibility with our Mac systems. The XBOX 360 offered us a greater ability to watch a bigger variety of video formats without converting everything to Mpeg-4. It now looks like Microsoft is stepping up to the plate to offer the ultimate entertainment portal.

Cable boxes look to be going the way of the floppy disk!

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