Tuesday, March 27, 2012


What a waste!

As a father and an uncle, news stories about teens and adolescents that  commit heinous crimes saddens me to the core. Imagine waking some night to the police knocking at your door looking for your son or daughter.

A story out of North Carolina about two 16-year-old girls who have been charged with the murder of a taxi driver last summer makes me wonder how things like this can happen. The Taxi driver was stabbed to death and robbed of $39. Imagine, your life is worth a lousy old $39!

Three men in their late teens and early '20s were charged soon after the murder. Five young people in North Carolina may be spending the rest of their lives in prison for a robbery that made them less than $8 each. Incredible!

I do not know anything about the murdered taxi cab driver's family. What senseless crime that has caused so much heartbreak and sorrow for six families.

We like to think that our children are brought up to be decent members of society, to be caring, sharing, honest, reliable.  That they know right from wrong, and would never be caught in a circumstance that would embarrass us or cause harm to themselves.

It is a far way from the seriousness of this case, but a few weeks ago we had to take Aidan's cellphone away from him for two weeks to teach him a lesson. A friend of his had asked him to message a girl he did not know. Apparently the message was send sixty times over a few minutes and service to her phone was disrupted. The girls's father called him back, providing a well deserved lecture.

As stupid as the phone incident was, the issue that struck terror into our hearts was that a kid that we raised to know right from wrong was so easily influenced by a friend. He did something that he knew was wrong, just to be cool and earn some street cred with his buddies. What else would he do to fit in? Why did he leave his better judgment and common sense behind?

It has to be a tough call, do you give in and go with the flow? Skip classes, smoke a cigarette, shoplift, try drugs,lie to your parents, break a window with a rock, steal a car? As they grow older, they are  faced with some challenging decisions  involving  serious moral questions.

It's great to have friends with values similar to your own who will back you up when you don't want to do something, hence the need to choose friends wisely. This has always been a dilemma for us because as the kids leave the confines of our neighborhood school, join more programs and expand the area that they roam, our ability to oversee gets weaker.

It all about good choices and much of that is out of my hands now.!

I hope that Kris and I have provided the inner strength and self-confidence for our boys to stand firm, walk away, and resist doing something they know is wrong.

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Anonymous said...

Must be a problem down there on pill hill in Virginia Park. The parents do not give a shit so the kids run wild!