Thursday, March 8, 2012


Yesterday, I found myself in a workshop where I was forced to watch one of those cheesy low budget videos on customer service.

The “star”, Bob Farrell has to be in hiss 70’s. As soon as it started, I began to doodle on my notepad. My expectations were below low.

Bob started a chain of ice cream parlors in the 1960’s. Within five years Bob had six stores, all going great guns, and he began to franchise operations, eventually selling out to the Marriot Corporation in 1973 when he had 55 ice cream parlors total.

As a young entrepreneur, with only one store open at the time, something happened to Bob that forever changed the way he approached customer service, and became the bedrock to all of his success.

His success, his approach to customers changed after one of his servers charged a customer cents for a pickle. The customer complained via a letter. Bob realized that he had lost a customer for life over a lousy pickle. His mantra became 'Just give them the pickle".

 This is a great video!

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