Thursday, March 15, 2012


I am big fan of the Settlers of Catan. I have written a number of posts about this game and a number of expansions.

A Dutch public television network has released a downloadable game based on Catan entitled "The Settlers of the West Bank.

VPRO has come under fire for what many are considering apparent promoting  anti-Semitism through elements of the game.

Players mine diamonds, make bricks with Dead Sea mud, produce textiles and bulldozers.Fair enough! The game takes a bit of the a turn with the soldiers cards. Players can also use an “Anne Frank” card to expand settlements and a “Jewish stinginess” card to take resources from other players. The game’s instructions reportedly describe terrorism as the legitimate result of settlements.

A VPRO representative described the game as “satire” and explained that “although the item ‘The Settlers of the West Bank’ could have done with some more delicate detailing, it is not fitting to earmark it as anti-Semitic.”

I tried to download the game today but it is no longer available!

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