Thursday, March 29, 2012


It used to be that I got all excited about the fall line-up of television programs. The best shows would start-up after a long drought between March and September.

Now many of my favorite shows start in March/April and take me into the summer. Mad Men debuted last week and Game of Thrones begins on Sunday which will take me right up to the start of True Blood.  The hardest part of watching these programs ins the dreaded break between episodes. I spend the 167 hours between them craving the next.

George R.R. Martin’s unfolding “A Song of Ice and Fire” series will pick-up where the first season left off with more blood, gore, back stabbing and treachery. I learned many years ago when I read A game of Thrones for the first time - don't get too attached to any character because they can die off at anytime. Life is cheap.

For those of you who are having trouble keeping up with the vast array of characters, lands  and clans of Westros,  Rolling Stone is offering a season two cheat sheet.   Be warned there may be a few spoilers!

CBC Television  is offering a Game of Thrones quiz. To mark the return of HBO's highly anticipated TV adaptation this weekend, they have  come up with a quiz based on the first season (and first book) of the medieval fantasy series. Test thy knowledge for a chance to win a CBC Books prize pack!

Have you read the series? or watched the first season? Who is your favorite character? 

The new season premieres Sunday night on HBO.

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