Tuesday, March 6, 2012


I finally had an opportunity to review the Consumer Advocates supportive submission to the PUB with regards to Muskrat project.

I was disappointed that there was no reference within his report to the 100+ consumer questions, and the 35+ consumer presentations.  I do not think there was much of any reference to material other than provided by Manitoba Hydro International  and Nalcor. 

He simply repeated the work of MHI which was it was all ringfenced by the to original terms of reference.   Many of the questions raised in the submissions have not been  responded to.  There are also many other very relevant questions which have not been answered because they were outside the terms of reference.  The consumer advocate report should have included comments raised by consumers

However there were some that were within the terms of reference, and just not answered.  An example is what the cost on a kw/hr basis would be for the "low growth" sensitivity? Is  Nalcor planning to respond to these questions which are still not closed?

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Anonymous said...

NALCOR answered the remaining consumer questions yesterday evening. They are all closed.