Tuesday, March 20, 2012


And here they go again. Three years prior to another federal election, The Conservative Party's perpetual campaign has set its sights on interim leader Bob Rae.

The despicable ad from the cash rich Conservatives is a strategic attempt to divide Liberals over the former NDP Premier's record,  force them to spend finite resources replying to the attack ad and perhaps even force Rae to answer media questions related to a potential leadership run. 

Frankly, the elephant in the room is not the issue that Conservatives and anti-Rae Liberals like to paint it to be. I would not waste a cent on counter attack ads to defend Rae's NDP Premiership. The Grits would be much better off using social and traditional media to point out Conservative scandals and continue on the road of  rebuilding and renewal.

The Conservatives war chest is vastly superior, they have more resources on the ground. This is just political chaff designed to distract attention away from the robocall scandal. The Liberals should fight the urge to respond and ignore it. Sure, these type of ads have defined the two previous leaders, but opinions on Rae's NDP premiership are a known quantity. Nothing new to see here.The Liberals just do not have the cash, no the resources to go toe to toe with the Conservatives with a national media buy.

Let the Conservatives play in the mud.

Canadians see this for what it is.

The ad will start running across the country today.

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Anonymous said...

Rae should be faltered with this endorsement of his leadership. Obviously the Conservatives fear a revived Liberal Party under the leadership of Bob Rae