Sunday, March 11, 2012


The Seabreacher is the orca cyborg / submarine / speedboat you've been saving up forThis is a seriously awesome toy.

What fun is life if you can not dream. For the low-low price of just $86,000 you could be the envy of the bay or pond with an orca cyborg speedboat!

I can imagine tearing into St. John's Harbour in one of these things. Folks would think a killer whale had stumbled into port. The Seabreacher is actually a supercharged watercraft that is part submarine, part speedboat, and just happens to look like a killer whale. Or a shark. Or a dolphin.

The Seabreacher can travel  55mph on the water's surface. Submerged it can maintain a speed of up to 20mph. The kicker, it can breach and launch 16 feet into the air!

Imagine plugging your MP3 player or iPod into the on-board stereo and just thrashing
Or that they can actually breach and launch 16 feet into the air?

So long paddle boats and jet skis - the Seabreacher rocks!

So mom, dad, Santa, any rich philanthropist, feel free to drop one off. Did I mention they have two seats?

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