Tuesday, March 27, 2012


Inhale, exhale....The majority Conservatives are preparing the barbeques for budget day.

It is going to be  blue jean and denim event.

Every sacred cow on the spread is a target on Thursday as the unrestrained Prime Minister gets down to the business of transforming Canada into his ideological image.

So long universal health care, Arrivaderci retiring at 65, good bye supply management boards, so long egg marketing boards, bye bye chicken quotas, fare well seasonal E.I, Na-na-naa-na, hey hey hey, Goodbye Environmental assessments and the list goes on and on.

 The newly minted NDP leader will be facing rapture as his party's leftist elements find that there will be no tofu in the budget, just beef from sacred cows, chickens and perhaps some eggs. The pharmaceutical industry is rumored to be stockpiling anti-anxiety medication in advance of a rush of  hysterical, panicked Canadians who will learn on Thursday how extensive a redo the Conservatives have in mind for the country.

I am half expecting an RFP to convert the House of Commons into Disney North!

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Anonymous said...

It is about time these cows were brought into the slaughter house. I for one am sick and tired of my tax dollars being wasted on the lazy and giving monopolies to farmers.

Bring it on!