Tuesday, March 27, 2012


“Let me be very clear, this is the government 
that brought in tough penalties for people who 
break the law,” 

John Baird

From the senate to pork barreling, the Harper Conservatives are turning out to be more like Televangelist Jim Baker than honest reformer Preston Manning. For a crowd that promised change, they have certainly have offered very little, in fact they have become pigs at the public trough!

 Stephen Harper became prime minister in 2006, when his Conservative Party defeated the Liberals, in large measure because of public outrage over a federal spending scandal.  I get sick when  those who support these thugs say his government is much less corrupt  than any Liberal government ever. What a way to measure honesty and accountability?.

As federal Industry Minister Christian Paradis reels from one conflict of interest allegation to another, I thought it might be insightful to look at some of the Conservatives greatest scandals, volume one:

  • Peter MacKay, Minister of National Defence's use of S&R assets for transportation from a hunting lodge in Newfoundland. 
  • Minister Lisa Raitt's description of  the issue of medical isotope shortage as a ''sexy'' story and a chance to shine in the political limelight. 
  • Minister Jason Kenny, used departmental letterhead for fundraising in the immigrant community.
  • The in and out scandal
  • Robo Calls & vote suppression .
  • Bev Oda's document tampering
  •  Maxime Bernier  2008, left highly confidential and sensitive NATO briefing notes at the apartment of then-girlfriend Julie Couillard, who was later discovered to have had ties to such unsavoury criminal organizations as the Hell's Angels.
  • Bruce Carson’s influence peddling right in the Prime Minister’s Office with former call girl/fiancee.
  • Several contempt rulings from the Speaker regarding not providing documents on the true costs of their tough-on-crime agenda and the Afghan mission.
  • The Food Inspection cover-up  & listeria outbreak
  • The Burton Winters Tragedy

The latest scandal revolves around Christian Paradis who already has the dubious distinction of being the first (and only) sitting cabinet minister to been found in breach of the law. Conflict of interest Commissioner Mary Dawson ruled that he broke the rules in 2009 when public works minister, helped set up a high-level meeting with senior bureaucrats for ex-Conservative MP Rahim Jaffer and a business partner.

He shook that off like a duck shakes water off it's back. Now he is the center of another "conflict of interest" scandal. He stayed at the exclusive hunting lodge of the former owner of the Quebec Nordiques, at a time when the federal government was being lobbied to help finance a new NHL arena.

What is with these elitist ministers and exclusive hunting lodges. At least, as thick as he is, Paradis never called in the military to give him a lift home.

Who needs the Sopranos, The Conservatives are providing all the drama we can handle.

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