Thursday, March 1, 2012


As if we did not have enough to worry about in 2012, you can add a colossal "megaflare" to the list of impending disasters to the list.

Scientists are warning that we face a one-in-eight chance of a massive "catastrophic" solar storm by the year 2020. The prediction is based on mathematical probability equations linked to previous events.

Such a storm from the surface of the sun could cause trillions of dollars in damage to electrical systems, and could knock us back to pre-marconi days. Imagine loosing all of our telecommunications, GPS networks, internet, banking services, electric grids and other communication technology!

According to Wired, the  last massive sun eruption was the Carrington Event of  1859. I'll excuse you if you do not remember it, as it predates Mulder and Scully.  An enormous flare emitted a vast particle stream that created auroras as it hit the Earth's atmosphere, setting telegraph stations on fire, blacking out their networks, and knocking changes in Earth’s magnetic field off the scale.

Just imagine for a minute, if you can, what the damage a similar event would  cause today. With thousands of satellites hoovering the earth and our 21st century reliance on technology! The a recovery time  would be of  years effectively sending the world back to the 19th century!

It has been long rumored that Iran has been developing nuclear weapons with the purpose of exploding one high in the atmosphere over North America to generate an electromagnetic pulse which could knock out America’s critical electrical and technological infrastructure.

Are you one of the worried ones about 2012 predictions? Is the earth about to experience a natural wonder or natural disaster? There are something like eight ancient articles and prophecies all pointing to events in 2012. If    the information at is correct, many will be in trouble.

I am not really "worried" about it, but I  enjoy the "mystery" of it all.

Must give the Price Club a call and order up a survival kit

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