Thursday, March 1, 2012


"Interpol, you can't take Anonymous,
. It's an idea."


Modern day  highwaymen, Anonymous received a big blow this week when authorities in Europe, North America and elsewhere  made dozens of arrests of Anonymous activists. In response, the group has increasingly attacked law enforcement, military and intelligence-linked targets.

They are engaged in a number of political causes, including opposition to the global clampdown on file-sharing sites and defense of the secret-spilling site WikiLeaks. The Vatican has also been a target.

Interpol says the  arrests in Argentina, Chile, Colombia and Spain were carried out by national law enforcement officers working under the support of Interpol's Latin American working group of experts on information technology crime. The arrests followed a continuing investigation begun in mid-February that also led to the seizure of 250 items of IT equipment and mobile phones in searches of 40 premises in 15 cities,

The suspects, aged between 17 and 40, are suspected of planning co-ordinated cyber-attacks against institutions including Colombia's defence ministry and presidential websites, Chile's Endesa.

Anonymous activists deface websites, carrying out denial-of-service attacks and publish data obtained in computer break-ins. Anonymous has no real membership structure. Hackers, activists, and supporters can claim allegiance to its freewheeling principles at their convenience, so it’s unclear what impact the arrests will have.

One of Anonymous's most spectacular coups was secretly recording a conference call between American and British cyber investigators tasked with bringing the group to justice.

 I doubt these arrests will be of any  real consequence in the war between the Anonymous network and Interpol. If anything, these arrests are just a face saving exercise for the public, and a poor attempt to warn off potential hackers.

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Anonymous said...

Besides exposing government agencies for hypocrisy they have busteds child pornography sites and rings.

Do you stand with Anonymous, or kiddie porn?