Wednesday, February 22, 2012


Former P.C. Premier, Brian Peckford's re-emergence into the bloodsport of Newfoundland and Labrador politics has been met with near disdain by current P.C. Premier Kathy Dunderdle.

Not since Maureen McTeer ordered Doug Bassett to..."Get this stupid bastard out of here!" during her husbands unsuccessful bid to hold onto the PC Leadership in 1984, has Peckford been so chastised. 

The current Premier was less than impressed with Peckford. She said, “ a message from afar, about a debate that you haven’t been engaged in, or public information sessions that you haven’t participated in, then you know it’s difficult for me to deal with.”

Peckford, a former minister of energy and Premier, expressed concerns about the proposed Muskrat Fall's Hydro Development in a public letter to the premier which was released on the same day that his former top energy policy adviser, Cabot Martin pleaded with the PUB to stop the project.

What has been interesting to this observer of Newfoundland and Labrador politics is not only the apparent dissension in some parts of the old provincial  P.C. party with the project ,but the opportunistic embrace by the  current Liberals of the team that they booted out in 1989.

I never would have imagined a day when A P.C. Premier would be dismissing a former P.C. Premier, while former Liberal Leader Yvonne Jones heaped praise on him. The Liberal opposition office staff have become chief pom-pom wavers and cheerleaders for Cabot Martin and company. I wonder how many tickets the grits newfound friends will be purchasing for Friday's leadership dinner?

Yes, this is the sad, and baffling  state of political affairs here on the rock.


Anonymous said...

Peckford should go back to eating cucumber salad with Phil Sprung. Meddling in our affairs after bankrupting us, shameful!

Brad Cabana said...

It's just the chickens coming home to roost. When you play Dr Frankenstien with the rules of democracy, don't be surprised at what monster you create.

Cyril Rogers said...

I remember a time when Premier Peckford was very popular, before the cucumber fiasco. However, that deal was chickenfeed compared to Danny's expropriation of the mill in Grand Falls and the still pending cleanup costs. As well, it pales into insignificance when measured against the kinds of financial commitments of the MF project.

It is funny how the Tories are eating their former party leaders and former stalwarts, now that they are up to their necks in a deal created by Danny the Great Leader. It is obvious that he and his cronies are heavily influencing the direction of the current government and they are still falling all over themselves to stay in his good graces. That's what happens when you place all your faith in a demigod. It takes years to exorcise the demons.

Scott said...

Ed Hollett and Brian Peckford in agreement.

The world has gone crazy!

Anonymous said...

Agree with anon 10.02 am. Pity Cabana did not get the job of Premier he seems to have all the answers. I wonder why??? ha

Anonymous said...

Okay, lets stick to the issue at hand. I agree with other commentators, what is Peckford saying that is wrong, or right, for that matter? Dishing him because he left the province, or for Sprung is fair game but can we not discuss the merits of his letter regarding Muskrat Falls. Are his concerns legitimate?

Anonymous said...

If he wants to make statements about the local economy and local politics he should have the gumption to move back there and reside.

Leo F

Anonymous said...

How many political staffers from Nalcor and the Confederation Building have been assigned to goosing polls, discrediting the motives those who appose the deal writing letters to the editors and the like. It is all a sickening game.