Thursday, February 23, 2012


Wait list times and erroneous healthcare procedures dominate health related news in this province. 

In Sweden, the issue does not appear to be the quality of healthcare but the "hotness" of the nurses!

In a recent job advertisement, that hospital recruited nurses who are "motivated," "professional," … and "TV-series hot." 

Sweden's Stockholm South General hospital says it wanted to "stick out a bit with our advertising campaign" and get some attention. It worked! 

The nursing manager said " being good looking is no requirement at all. We put out an ad looking for interest and we got a great response. We want a nurse who is qualified and good at their job, regardless of looks."

Head nurse Elisabeth Gauffin added: 'We want people to be curious and have a little imagination.'

Nurses are needed to fill in holiday shifts this summer. Staff could have the opportunity to gain a permanent position later.

There is a sexist recruitment and retention strategy to compete with. 

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Jay L said...

How is it sexist? Nowhere in the ad does it specify that the hot nurses need be female, or male for that matter.

One just assumes that part... which is the brilliant part of the strategy.