Wednesday, February 15, 2012


It might be 2012, not 1984 - but government is determined to usurp your right to privacy with legislation that will bring about Orwell's dystopian vision of a totalitarian state that keeps its citizens under constant surveillance.

The new Conservative surveillance bill will turn our nation into a surveillance state, where unaccountable authorities can watch, pry and spy on our every keystroke. Sure,those of that do nothing illegal have nothing to fear. Law enforcement would never infringe on the rights of the innocent. Sorry but I do not but theis legeslation, the wacky rationallae. It is the thin edge of a wedge that will lead to the abuse of civil rights in our country.

Prime Minister Harper was right when he hinted that we wuld not recogize this country when he was done with it. The folks who preached against big brother government, that campaigned to dismantle the intrusive gun registry and the long form census are going to give government unsurpassed power to spy on average Canadians.

This government who has failed to respect Canadian laws, parliamentary tradition and oversight organization wants you to trust them to not use Bill 30 to intrude on your individual rights and liberties. 

The zero sum proclamation by Public Safety Minister Vic Toews  that those of us that oppose the law support child molesters is so far over the top as to be comedic if it were not for that fact he he actually meant it. Your are with us or you support child porn, imagine!

Old man Toews's arguments are bull-shit! The criminals already know how to evade public survaliance. They run programs that confuse and mask I.P. addresses Yes, Mr. Toews. criminals will be able to slip by while law-abiding citizens are censored and spied on.

The Canadian Civil Liberties Association and privacy commissioners across the company are concerned about this bill. I am scared of this bill? If you are, does that mean you sympathize with terrorists and child molesters?

What we are seeing is the Harperites emerging from  under their lambs costumes as the scary right-wing fascist wolves that many predicted they were.


Cyril Rogers said...

Peter, if the people of this country didn't recognize the danger from the Harperites before now, they may never get it until it's too late.

This government will break any law, bend any rule, and lie to your face while espousing a superior moral attitude. Kind of reminds you of a few Middle Eastern dictators, both past and present.

Are we going to be silenced by their new "laws"? It could happen!

Anonymous said...

We are becoming a police state. Harper must be learning how to abuse human rights from Cina