Thursday, February 9, 2012


The Twillingate teacher who was suspended pending an investigation into the Febrez scandal that has lite up talk shows, social media and news programs across Canada, has the backing of her union.

Lilly Cole, the president of the Newfoundland and Labrador Teachers Association told CBC news that she has spoken with the teacher and offered her support. The labour leader says there is more to the story and that a more balanced reaction to the story will be available once the investigation by the school board is completed.

From my observations, I think there is certainly a consensus that this teacher is not a bully or a thug. That this story has been completely blown out of proportion. Communication, or the lack of administrative attention to the original issue seems to have played a significant issue in the escalation of concerns and the viral reporting of the story.

The mother of the ten-year-old boy says she began seeking answers and an apology as soon as the Feberez incident occurred. She was rebuffed by the teacher and the Principal. The result was an entrenchment of positions leading to wide spread media exposure.

I still think that it is outlandish that the mother is being vilified, in some corners, for advocating for her so. As stunned as the Febreze incident was, it could have been dealt with much better. Ignoring the mother forced her to go to a higher authority. Talking about her frustration on Social Media, opened the issue up to the world.

She is certainly not the first person to be upset about customer service to vent on Facebook.

This is as much about class, as it is about punishment.Speaking of punishment, I hope that this teacher is not treated more harshly because of the public nature of the story. She obviously meant no harm.

It is a shame that it took that media scrutiny, and exposure, to force the hand of the local administration.



Jay L said...
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Peter L. Whittle said...

No argument from me. The teacher is paying for her mistake. There appears to be more to this bully issue than we have been told.

The mother, I think this spun way out of her control. In her wildest dreams she could not have envisioned the level of public and media interest in this story. I do not fault her at all. She escalated here complaints in the face of an administration that did not take her concerns seriously.