Tuesday, February 21, 2012


I am told that the OCI closure of the Marystown Plant led to some hot and heavy exchanges on VOCM Open Line today. Former Fisheries Minister - Current Minister of Education and Burin Placentia West MH, Clyde Jackman went on the offensive suggesting that the FFAW played a significant role in killing a compromise that he had hammered out that would have kept the plant open.  He suggested that the President of the Marystown Local, Allan Moulton has an NDP political agenda.

Molton says Jackman deliberately tried to undermine the union by trying to sell the membership on the same arrangement that had been rejected by fisheries minister Darin King.

Over the weekend, OCI boss Martin Sullivan told CBC's On-Point with David Cochrane that the FFAW were two-faced and hypocritical. He accused union President Earle McCurdy of trying to close the Fortune Plant to keep jobs in Marystown.

Coincidence or are OCI/Government preparing to tag team FFAW/NDP? Or is the government just fighting everyone at the moment?

This is going to be a slug-fest right up to the too long delayed opening of the House of Assembly. The contenders care barely wait to lace up their gloves for the big ring.

Here is an exchange from Twitter tonight which featured a five MHA pile-up on NDP MHA DAle Kirby:

  Overturning democratic elections? Spending money we don't have? Bankruptsy?

What's your policy? Promising things without costing them out? Breaching contracts?

Dale Kirby @dalegkirby
you were minister & had 43 members in the House. What did you do for the fishery? Marystown? Fortune? Port Union? Anything?

reliance on the deceased Mr. Layton to sell your bill of goods reveals the shallow nature of your argument & your tactic

There is inconsistency between the federal and provincial NDP view on Muskrat Falls. That's a fair argument.

I will be consistent in pointing out your support/rally for Stephen Harper last federal election

& we will highlight NDP Policy which wd've closed M'town plant yrs ago

It's your fish policy to defend Darin. You & Clyde are not helping fishers on the B-Pen

Too bad you aren't fishery critic - your LEADER didn't ask 1 Q in HOA

Which session was that Darin?

Peckford letter suggests Tories are too fixated on Muskrat to see long-term benefits of Upper Churchill contract expiration
Can you explain why Jack Layton supported Muskrat Falls and you don't?Or is it the difference between vision and petty politics?

Can't help but weigh in. Kirby should look to see how many questions his leader asked on the fisheries in QP - None!!!

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