Monday, February 27, 2012


The floodgates have opened. voters, call center employees, Elections Canada and political parties are focusing on "Robocall Fraud".

The extent of the fraud perpetrated on voters in at least 34 ridings last May is beginning to become clearer. There was an organized faction, a dirty tricks team assigned to do what it ever it took to win marginal seats, particularly in Southern Ontario.

Call center employees in Thunder Bay are admitting that they were forced to red scripts from "conservative" sources that misinformed voters on where they had to vote. In fact, they went to management to complain and the RCMP! A voter in London, Ontario has surfaced with a 'Robocall" left on his answering machine on election day providing false voting information.

The evidence is mounting that this was a coordinated project, but how far up the chain of command that knowledge of this clandestine black-op was known, is not clear.

The big question  should be answered today, when Prime Minister Harper will be forced to confront the issue, that is positioned to rock his party to the core, in the House of Commons. Opposition leaders and critics smell blood. They will try and pin this on the Prime Minister, his staff and his advisers. How the Prime Minister responds will set the tone for how Canadians absorb this latest scandal and affront to our democratic traditions. This could be the tipping point for Harper, or as pollster Nick Nanos suggests, if nothing can tie Harper directly to the calls, this could just blow away.

Will the PM deny all knowledge, pledge to get-to the bottom of it, blame someone or  try and bluster his way through today's political gauntlet? How much ammunition do the opposition parties have? Have they kept the most damaging stuff for QP?

Today could be Harper's biggest test, or it might just be another day at the office.

I hope it is the tipping point!


Anonymous said...

The Liberals are in no shape to question the Conservatives. What a day to have to apologize. I almost feel for Bob Rae. Looks good on him.

Unknown said...

Why did Harper claim in the HOC today the the RMG employees were calling conservative supporters to advise them of a change in location of the poll?

Was the poll location changed? Doesn't Elections Canada publish public notices in case of a change in location.

Anonymous said...

How can anyone with a clue compare Vikileaks to the robocalls. One was illegal election fraud, the other was a prank.

Harper is dodging and trying to justify the calls as something they were not. Blur the lines a little. Throw up enough smoke and mirrors and people will not know up from down.

Anonymous said...

I think I recall these calls occuring in fabian mannings riding.can anybody elaborate...