Monday, February 27, 2012


More signs today that the release of Apple's iPad 3 is immanent.

Best Buy has cut  $50 from the cost of  the 16GB Wi-Fi iPad 2 model . If I were in the market for a new iPad, I might wait for the iPad 3. If the pricing strategy in the past holds true, the base model of the new unit will likely cost the same $500 as it has the previous two generations. Which means saving $50 might mean giving up the new goodies like 4G connectivity, faster video, near-retina display and a faster processor.

If you are trying to keep on top of the iPad curve, give-up. It is a loosing proposition. However, if you want to get value for that iPad 2 you just purchased, you want to get rid of it before March 7th , the date that the  iPad 3 is set to be unveiled.

Assuming, you do not have a co-worker or a relative that is enthralled with your iPad 2 who might be conned into paying top dollar for yesterdays technology, there are still some options.

Amazon offers a trade-up They  provide the shipping label for you—and will even upgrade your item and give you a bigger payout if you underestimated what kind of shape it was in. Once everything's squared away, an Amazon gift card is credited to your account.

eBay is another option. A  lot of eBay's users are less technologically inclined increasing the chances of selling to people who may not know something better is just around the bend.

Other iPad rumors,  Microsoft Office - Word, Powerpoint and Excel, might be coming to the App Store soon.

One of the ways you can measure the impact a device has, is by how frequently it’s used. My family uses our iPads a lot.. More than any other electronic device in the house - that includes televisions and the X-Box. It is used for reading, watching movies, research, typing assignments and gaming.

I have not got a clue how to justify buying a new juicy iPad 3. In fact, I am pissed that it is coming with-in a year of the iPad 2, which we bought at Christmas.



Jay L said...

What you do, see, is sell the iPad1 to pay part of the inevitable iPad3 cost.

Anonymous said...

Stop your whining , you drank from the kook aid dispenser that is Apple... Now lay down and let it take it's course.