Monday, February 6, 2012


Recognizing the confusion and miscommunication surrounding the proposed Muskrat Falls Power Development, VOCM is offering the public an airing of the issues.

With no less than than three public affairs call-in-shows offering residents of the province over six hours of air-time to air issues, VOCM has gone to the parties in an attempt to separate the chafe from the wheat. 

A tall order considering the topic and those that will be involved. Much depends on the ability of the moderator to keep the answers on point.

With only a few weeks to go before the cobwebs are blown out of the House of Assembly, VOCM will host a debate on the pros and cons of the the proposed deal. At this point only two parties have confirmed who will represent them. Energy Minister Jerome Kennedy will represent the government, NDP leader Lorraine Michaels will represent the NDP.  The Liberals are still up in the air over who will fly the parties position. Leader Dwight Ball has been enjoying the sun in Florida (great place to prep for the opening of the House of Assembly), but he may be back in the province) and Yvonne Jones has been touring the Big Land.

The questions will come from VOCM Open Line moderators Paddy Daly and Randy Simms. The moderator for the event will be renowned broadcaster, VOCM's Director Of Operations, John Murphy.

The debate will take place at  the VOCM Studios in St. John’s, airing on stations in Marystown, Gander, GFW, Corner Brook, Stephenville, and across Labrador. It will begin at Wednesday night, 7pm (630 in Labrador).

It promises to be the most listened to radio program since the Confederation Debates  were broadcast out to the provinces isolates out ports and landlocked communities. The debates were aired on VOCM, VOAR and the state-run Broadcasting Corporation of Newfoundland station, VONF.

If you have a question that you would like aired, e-mail or tweet Randy and Paddy.


Anonymous said...

This is unfortunate. The least intelligent commentary on the Muskrat Falls discussion has come from the politicians. I'd rather see VOCM offer up airtime to some of the various participants in the reports made public to date.

The public needs more information, not more rhetoric.

Anonymous said...

This is the point. The politicians that offer rhetoric should be discounted. It is time to offer up the pros and cons, based on fact. If the opposition has questions and they are no answered, than the government should be held accountable. If the opposition gets an answer they do not like because it ruffles their criticism, they should be judged. The success or failure of this airing of the issue will fall on our elected officials.

Frankly, I am tired of listening to the experts who I did not vote for and never will spin the yarn. I want to have confidence in those elected to protect my interests.

Anonymous said...

This will be like the leaders debates. Lots of shouting. Nice effort but the outcome will be even more of the same. The debate is orchestrated by the Voice of the Cabinet Minister to sow even more cynicism.

Anonymous said...

"Voice of the Cabinet Minister took the challenge instead. What VOCM is offering looks to have both the information and entertainment value of throwing kittens off the overpass into traffic."


Anonymous said...

Ah yes, from Anonymous on Monday, February 6, 2012 12:45:00 PM GMT-03:30, more predictable flatulence from the rectal oriface of the SRBP.

I believe somebody may need to get over their disdain for all things VOCM.

Wm. Murphy said...

more predictable flatulence from the rectal oriface of the SRBP.

love it!!

That post was then followed by some guy blowing fire crackers from his ass.....ah, the best blog in Canada never ceases to amaze the uninformed and educated reader.

and then we have the writings of Sue to further entertain the misguided and uninformed concerning how things should be around these parts.

I look forward to the debate and the absolute hilarious postings from the gallery

Anonymous said...

The blogosphere can not be wrong. It is the best political blog in Canada, two years in a row.

Even Peter said so, when encouraged his readers to vote for it.

Why continue this personal crusade against what is obviously one of the greatest thinkers of our time?

He is just calling the VOCM thing for what it is, a set up to give the PCs more air-time and more credibility. Paddy is a salesman for Dunderdale.

Anonymous said...

Well Murph, I figured "more predictable flatulence from the rectal oriface of the SRBP" pretty much summed it up.

The "best political blog" has only a small cabal of posters who appear to be pre-screened to ensure that they in agreement with the mighty oracle, or at the very least not in disagreement with him.