Friday, February 24, 2012


"You're an asshole,"

 Audience member at
Burton Winters Vigil
In Goose Bay


Just a few months after winning his seat, Labrador Conservative M.P., former native leader and current Newfoundland and Labrador's federal cabinet representative was booed and cursed at a vigil in Happy Valley-Goose Bay last night.

The lone Conservative M.P. in the province says he attended the vigil for 14 year old Buton Winters to lend support to his family not to discuss Search and Rescue issues.

Winters was found on Feb. 1, three days after his family reported him missing from Makkovik. His frozen body was found 11 kilometres outside the community., he had walked for about 19 kilometres. The role of SAR in the early stages of the search has become a lightning rod for concerns about SAR coverage in Labrador, and on the island.

The SAR response to the Winter search has further highlighted concerns with regards to the Conservative's plan to close the Newfoundland and Labrador's maritime rescue sub-centre as of June 2012.

If last night's angry reaction is typical of feelings in Labrador about the quality and effectiveness of Peter Penashue leadership, he will be a one-termer. Perhaps the former social-activist will realize that he has as much in common with Conservative ideology as a sealer at a PETA Conference, and start fighting for his people, less he be deemed another Harper quisling.

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