Friday, February 17, 2012


 What you do when you don’t 
want to debate the issues is you
 start making personal attacks. 
About the only thing he didn’t
 accuse us of is child molesting."

Earle McCurdy


The ongoing skirmishes between Ocean Choice International and the Fish, Food and Allied Workers union are getting nastier.

It is pretty clear that Loyolya Sullivan's experience as a Harper Conservative has rubbed off on how the company carries out it's public relations. All that is missing is the televised attack ads.

OCI is desperate to break the union. The campaign to undermine the credibility of the leadership wretched up a notch yesterday when OCI President, Martin Sullivan dropped a bombshell suggesting that union boss Earle McCurdy backed a bid to close the plant in Fortune, in an effort to keep the plant in Marystown open.

McCurdy says Sullivan is lying and being "spitey"

The company has closed fish-plants in Marystown and Port Union, they have refused to bargain in good faith towards a settlement for the crew of some vessels bringing  in scab workers and , they continue to use the future of the Fortune Plant as a bargaining chip with the provincial government in the hopes to export more unprocessed product to China. Their sense of arrogance and entitlement to public resources is unquenchable.

CBC's David Cochrane interviews both men on CBC's On-Point, Saturday evening at 7:30.


Anonymous said...

The union is the problem. Time to decertify them b4 they kill the fishery all together.

Anonymous said...

Anon Feb 17, agree with your comments 100%.

Peter L. Whittle said...

Interesting comments...I have not seen much from the FFAW to impress me, at least in the inshore in a while.

Be interested in learning what they have done to kill the fishery?