Wednesday, February 1, 2012


Access to the internet is like a toilet, every home, restaurant and hotel room needs one, but do you tweet on the toilet?

I can honestly say the answer is no, but I am guilty of reading while on the throne. In fact, our downstairs bathroom has a three shelves lines with washroom reading. Slow it down, I have also played Ticket To Ride in there.

A survey of 1,000 people by the marketing agency 11mark found that 75 percent of the populace have used their mobile devices while on the toilet. Among those aged 28 to 35, the figure is 91 percent. Among those 65 and older, however, only 47 percent have used their mobile devices on the toilet.

According to a New York Times article "one-quarter of Americans say they will not go to the bathroom without their devices. While 63 percent have answered calls, 41 percent have called someone else while enthroned."...sorry but that is just gross.

Other interestingn data gleaned fromm the report: 20 percent of males have at one time joined a conference call from the toilet. and thirteen percent of American women have participated in meetings from the john.

I wonder if there is a stat for the number of people who have dropped a smartphone into a toilet? A shitty experience that I am sure many have endured.

Now, two of my guys play with toys while in the bathroom. There are always dinks and plastic superheroes on the floor in the aftermath of the experience. I just wish they would learn to flush and stop calling out to me to see big it is!


Anonymous said...

too much information

Nancy Crozier said...

See now, that's why I always refuse to play Ticket to Ride with you online.