Wednesday, February 1, 2012



I have a sneaking suspicion that the premier
“won’t be adding any further” to her remarks 
because thereis nothing more to say. She won’t
give examples tback up her accusation because 
she can't back it up.I think 
the premier made this up."

Geoff Meeker

The Telegram's Blogger, Geoff Meeker, is taking the Premier to task for comments she made last week in reaction to a Telegram Editorial chastising her government over it's lack of accountability, in light of the recent Auditor General's Report.

Meeker,a media pundit, has called the Premier out on a particular accusation that was flung out during a rant about the editorial. The Premier suggested that the Telegram would retaliate by painting her in a bad light for "the next couple of weeks".  Implicit was the suggestion that  the Telegram would slant ,or misreport the news to get even with her. Her comments suggested that this has happened before.

  “Every time I have done any kind of a correction on The Telegram, I get pilloried on a daily basis for the next couple of weeks. So I’m going to fasten my seat belt now. But I’m going to tell you, anybody who thinks taking me on on a daily basis in that kind of way is going to silence me, when something that’s being said is so clearly wrong, then I’ve got news for them. Not happening.”
Meeker rightfully identified the  comment as significant. To accuse a group of editors, reporters and the publisher of a professional daily of such conduct was horrible.  He outlined how conspiratorial the bizarre suggestion was and e-mailed the Premier's communication staff requesting requesting specific examples of  these two week pilloryings.

No examples were provided and the Premier's office says she has no further comment.

One can only gather that the accusation was false. That it is like the suggestion the Premier made to the media last week about the AG's ability to find the sought out paper trail and decision making process for ranking ans selecting $5 billion in infrastructure money. She told the media there were many avenues that the AG could have went to in order to get the information. When asked for examples, she could not name one!

We have heard her opinions as of late on the the Opposition, which she feels is not credible; she says it is a waste of time to open the House of Assembly; she claims the province loves me except for that handful of persistent bloggers with a political agenda - there is no pleasing them; and now it is the Telegram that is conspiring against her.

With dozens of communication directors, specialists, managers, political aides and media training, surely someone can talk truth to power. Neither episode does much for the Premier's credibility.

Shooting the messenger, accusing those that report and comment on the facts, as presented, is a poor strategy.

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Brad Cabana said...

There is a dangerous current of marginalization running through the turbulent waters of NL politics.The PCs targetted bloggers, newspapers, and anyone else that dare challenges their "moral high ground". Its the one standard that seems to surface constantly.Those of us that know them realize they don't have one, but they want to keep the general public believing they do - at all costs. Even resorting to the all time low of singling out an Editor of a newspaper.
That being said, and in all honesty, the people of NL should be demanding better.