Wednesday, February 1, 2012


I have purchased more software since making the switch to Apple hardware than I had in the entire twenty years of computer usage prior. Sure plenty of software is available on torrents, but my Apple account bill keeps piling up.

I have purchased a few costly programs like Adobe 6,  Mac Office, a registry cleaner and a photo editing program, but for the most part the majority of purchases have been $10 and under apps.  The boys use the iPads a lot.  Most nights, I collect them from their beds after they fall asleep. They are always asking me for permission to download something. Most of the time it is a free app, however there is the occasional request for a paid app. Sometimes they give me the money upfront, other times I just say sure. $3.99 here and there certainly adds up.

USA Today reports that of all smartphone owners, 68% use just five or fewer apps on a weekly basis. The Pew Research Center report estimates that 80% to 90% of apps are eventually deleted after being downloaded. The report says that the novelty of a new app quickly wears off. It is estimated that Android and iPhone users spend about 90 minutes a day on their phone, 2/3rds of that time is spend on apps.

90 minutes a day, does that surprise you? No me, think about the down turned heads in coffee shops and malls, people nearly walking into each other on the street not bothering to glance up because they are too busy with their latest app. What about the couples out for a romantic dinner, lights dim, candles lit, quiet music is playing and the pair are furiously tapping away on these little devices!

There are some apps like Twitter, Angry Birds, Ticket to Ride, Carcassonne, the TV apps, The Telegram, Macleans, National Geographic that I use daily. The kids have a bunch they like to use as well. All in all, I would have to check my iTunes account to determine what the wastage is on paid  apps that are deleted, or unused. I suspect it is not that high. The great thing about the iPad apps is that they normally offer a lite version. The kids will pay that before requesting the full version. If it meets expectations, and gets used, I have no problem paying for a full version.

What about you, have you downloaded apps for the novelty only to delete them form lack of use as the novelty wears off? What would the ratio of  deleted to non-deleted be on your smartphone?

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