Monday, February 27, 2012


 "They know their base is secure, what they 
need is for the Liberal support to slip or for
 the NDP to rise so they can come up the middle. 
The Conservatives have hemorrhaged as much as 
they are going to, this means the more votes they 
steal from the the Liberals, the higher odds that
 the Conservatives can emerge ahead, if the 
base stays solid in these close races."

Polemic and Paradox

Dirty tricks, manipulation and law breaking.

Those are all core messages in the Conservative Party of Canada's campaign manual entitled "winning at any cost".  They sullied the reputation of opponents, broke election financing laws, deliberately misdirected voters in tight ridings in attempt to suppress the vote, used the RCMP as party operatives to manhandle voters out of Conservative rallies, intimidation, bullying, $40 million slush funds, falsifying documents and all manner of shady tactics.

Anyone who follows my piece of real estate in the blogosphere knows that I feel Stephen Harper has brought Canadian democracy to new lows.

During the last Springs Federal Election there were plenty of reports that the Conservatives were employing shady tactics in the tactical battle for seats in Ontario. The plan - divide, suppress & conquer. Each seat was another step closer to a majority government. They Conservatives knew they had reached high tide, that they could hold their vote but it was not enough to guarantee wins. To do that, they had to was split the vote and come up the middle. This became the focus of the campaigns in close seats.

Back on April 30th, 2011, on the eve of the Federal Election a story broke on Sun T.V. suggesting that NDP Leader Jack Layton was caught by police in a questionable massage parlor. The inference was that Jack Layton was a dirty old man who availed of prostitutes.  I had an unorthodox theory, that from the  Conservative "winning at all cost " manual made sense.

My money was on this being a strategic leak designed to inflame the situation, to further motivate those leaning towards the NDP to get out and vote. Why, because in some tight two way, and three way,  races in Southern Ontario, the higher the NDP vote in some ridings, the better chance of a favorable split for the Conservatives. 
In the balance was the Conservative's shot at a majority. 

The scam of using phone centers to misdirect voters and suppress votes in these tight races was so successful in the 2011 campaign that party operatives dusted off the strategy last fall to systematically spread rumors in Liberal MP Irwin Cotler’s Montreal riding that he was stepping down. When the issue was brought to the Hosue of Commons,  the Speaker o, himself a Tory, called it as reprehensible.

Now the proverbial shit has really hit the fan. The Tories bag of dirty election tricks that may have stolen them a majority government is beginning to see the light of day.  The voter suppression offensive focused on between 27 and 34 ridings.

The election of a Conservative majority government ushered in wrenching change in Canada. Just what Nixonian & McCarthyistic measures are the Conservatives capable of?

If these recent revelations do not shake people out of their stupors then we might as well close the House of Commons.


Greg said...

I just heard someone complain that a lot of the posts on FaceBook about this are dissapearing. Have not verified myself but if true it means someone is filing absuse or spam complaints about the articles and FB is taking them down without question.

Anonymous said...

Is there anyway to recall this bunch of goons. It is obvious that they cheated to win.

Anonymous said...

The Conservatives won their majority with a margin of 11. The legitimacy of the Tory majority is the issue. We accept that our elections act will protect us from fraud and manipulation. There must be a remedy, right?

Good post.


Anonymous said...

Under Section 3 of the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms, "every citizen of Canada has the right to vote in an election of the members of the House of Commons or of a legislative assembly and to be qualified for membership therein."

If someone phones you and sends you to a nonexistent polling station and you can't vote, then that person has deprived you of your constitutional rights! Plain and simple.


Anonymous said...

Just like the Cadman affair and the in-out scheme, Harper will have been shielded from this.It is called plausible deniability. The Conservatives take no prisoners, it is the cultural operative ideology. Nothing will change. They will win.

Anonymous said...

This is just a bunch of sore loosers trying to get back to power. The Conservatives won, fair and square using the same techniques as everyone else. The Liberals and the NDP used attack ads too. It is a level playing field. Stop whining. you lost!

Andrew said...

To the last anonymous who said that people are whining and everyone uses attacked ads. Although the conservatives use attack ads much more then anyone else, attack ads are not the issue, whether you like them or not attack ads are completely legal. Voter suppression on the other hand is illegal and thats where the real issue is. This is the second time conservatives have used illegal actions to win an election, and if these claims can be linked to the torries it will be a much bigger deal then the in and out scam

Anonymous said...

The Conservatives have been abusing the civil service, breaking election financing laws, frustrating the work of committees, using public dollars to employ candidates, bribing candidates and the list goes on.

The Prime Minister should step down, the GG should offer the Official Opposition his job.

Anonymous said...

Nothing sticks. They have a license to do what ever they want. A little boy freezes on the ice but a helicopter can be found to ferry a minister from a fishing trip. When will people say enough is enough.

Jay L said...

Just what Nixonian & McCarthyistic measures are the Conservatives capable of?

Just ask Adam Carroll, formerly of the Liberal Research Bureau!