Monday, February 6, 2012


For me, the Super Bowl means cheap snacks and great commercials.

An aging Madonna at half-time, or the match-up between the Giants and the Patriots barely registers on my radar, let a lone makes for must see T.V.

Judging by the hype in the Best Buy and Future Shop flyers, the Super Bowl has become a major opportunity to push large screen T.Vs and state of the art sound systems. I read somewhere that one enterprising individual, who is not a football fan, rented his living room out for $2000 for the day. He threw in a few pizza's, his 3d-TV and sound system.

So the New York Giants won the Bowl, in what sports pundits are calling a "large game". What really matters to me is who won the the most important contest, the ad contest.

My favorite was Clint Eastwood's Chrysler ad, "It's Halftime in America." Wicked stuff. A real standout, However, I am just one lonely voice. Americans gave the top marks to other, less deserving, ads.

The Wall Street Journal and the USA Today's Ad Meter gave Doritos the win. Doritos' baby bungee scored the most Twitter mentions, 48,498 tweets. H&M's ad, featuring a tattooed and underwear-clad David Beckham, was next with 43,536 tweets, and Pepsi took third with 39,242

Other notable ads: M&M's, VW  and Bud Light's beer-fetching dog. I wonder if I can train my cats to deliver Strongbow?

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