Sunday, February 12, 2012


High winds,  driving vertical rains, hockey, basketball, Shallaway and Mass! I would rather just cuddle in bed and watch television with the boys.

The snow is taking a cutting but so are the roads. The trip across Newfoundland Drive  to  L'√©cole des Grands–Vent, where Aidan camped out for the weekend, was like navigating a minefield. Large potholes hidden in lake of water, surrounded by chunks of pavement strewn all over the place. I counted five cars along the way with flats. Their owners out in the driving rain changing tires. 

I stopped to help one elderly lady, on her way to mass. She had driven into a crater and blew her tire. Poor thing was drenched. My reward for my good deed came when I gassed up at the Ultramar. While fueling-up my gas cap blew away...never to be found again!

A hot shower, the smell of a pot of coffee and the warmth of the fireplace has perked me up.  This will be a perfect afternoon to relax, read, listen to some music, play a board game, sip on some wine and be lazy.

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