Wednesday, February 29, 2012


“Is Nalcor driven to do Muskrat
No, Nalcor is driven to make the
 right decision.”


Today is your last day to submit comments to the Public Utility Board's Muskrat Falls Review.

The hearings have been interesting to say the least. From a blast from the past in the from of a letter from former Premier Brian Peckford suggesting that the project should be independently reviewed by international energy experts to NDP Leader Lorraine Michael's decision to show up at the hearing to announce  she would  decline an opportunity to make a presentation. She said the government is rushing a costly project without doing enough to weigh alternatives.

The tight time frame imposed on the Public Utility Board has become a significant issue over the past few months, with more people questioning the pace of the proposed project. The oft mentioned refrain is why the rush?

The Public Utilities Board is reviewing plans to harness power from Muskrat Falls in Labrador with links to Newfoundland and Nova Scotia. The board has requested more time to carry out its work, but the province has said that it wants a report from the PUB by March 31st.  The government has indicated there is not further time because they want to have the matter brought before the House of Assembly where elected people can debate the issue.

As a result of the government's refusal to extent the time period for the review, public consultations were restricted to St. John’s. The province had already given the PUB a three month extension from Dec 31, 2011 to March 31, 2012.

PUB chairman Andy Wells, has been critical of  Nalcor.for dragged its feet on filing information requests from both the PUB and Consumer Advocate, Tom Johnson.

Nalcor and the Minister of Natural Resources have been on a public relations offensive this week aimed at explaining why natural gas  won’t work for the province’s electricity needs.

The issue of  a perceived short-shrift to studying alternative energy opportunities to met the province's future needs has dominated the debate on the Muskrat Falls debate.

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