Friday, February 10, 2012


Fast Eddie walked away with $1.6 million in cash in 1993.

An armored car company employee, Edward Maher allegedly took off with a van full of money and disappeared into infamy.Since that time the heist has become a thing of legend and Maher a sort of folk hero.

His nearly two decade life on the lamb came crashing to a halt when his adult son ran into trouble with the law in Ozark, Missouri. Maher went to the police station to post bail. While there he made a complaint about a missing gun. Suspicious local authorities put him under surveillance. 

"Fast Eddy" had been using his brother Michaels name to obtain work and state identification, and to purchase firearms in the United States. A search of his house turned up some unregistered firearms leading to his arrest. Property records show that someone using that alias has, since 1997, moved every couple of years, living at addresses in New Hampshire, Florida, Wisconsin, Minnesota and Missouri.

His American sons were shocked to learn that their dad, a local cable company employee, had carried out the daring robbery twenty years prior. Neighbors were shocked as well.

American authorities are holding "Fast Eddy" for an appointment with British authorities. It is expected that he will be sent back to the UK to face justice.

He requested a court-appointed defense attorney because he didn't have enough money to hire one.

It should make for a great movie, the rights for which are probably worth more than the $1.6 million he allegedly stole.

He should have followed the lead of some of Newfoundlands biggest robbers and move to Panama.

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