Thursday, February 16, 2012


As a recent health consumer in need of health imaging diagnostics, I feel a little reassured that Eastern Health is now on-top of issues related to MRI scans.

Last month, incredible case of Sylvia Letournel was made public. Eastern Health had informed her that she would have to wait months - for an MRI to determine if the cancer was operable. Months to learn if a fast moving cancer was operable! For Christ sake,  by that time the cancer could have spread, the patient could have been dead. Imagine living with that! Untold hundreds, perhaps thousands, of people in this province have been forced to endure the mental anguish of delayed diagnostic scans. Delays that with out a doubt in mind have led to preventable deaths.

When she went public, with her plight the MRI was moved up to January.  Health Minister Susan Sullivan ordered Eastern Health to review all MRI requests and determine if there were other urgent cases that were overlooked.

The outcome of that review of wait time list and wait time processes was released today. Eastern found 11 other people  needed urgent attention. At this point the dozen people have received MRI's.

Imagine a dozen people that were considered to have immediate needs. Health consumers should not have to scream up and down in the media to get treatment!  Rectifying appalling neglect does not deserve applause.

We spend millions of dollars on salaries, communications, schedulers, and equipment each year. How is it that Eastern Health can not seem to get it right, until the shit hits the fan.

Politicians should not have to get involved in making sure the system works efficiently.

Rectifying appalling neglect does not deserve applause.



Anonymous said...

Why is it so hard to get delivering health care right? So much bad news.

Anonymous said...

My mother died because Eastern frigged up. The level of incompetence and ass covering is incomprehensible