Monday, February 27, 2012


We here a lot about transsexuals, bisexuals and homosexuals, but what about the estimated 1% of the population that is asexual?

Like everything, the bell curve for human sexuality has extremes. those with an amped sex drive and those who can take it or leave it. What many people may have considered as dysfunctional  is now considered by many to be a fourth orientation

Now, thanks to the Internet this i group that is finding its voice and beginning to organize. reports the Guardian reports that in a world where hypersexuality has become the norm, asexuals have a stigma!

The group,  Asexual Visibility and Education Network,  has more than 50,000 members. They say asexuality is as valid, normal and healthy as heterosexuality and homosexuality.

When it comes to sex, what's considered "normal" is in a constant state of flux.

So, let me get this, they cuddle and kiss and talk a lot. They  go to dinner parties, bicker over movies, sleep in the same bed. They just do not feel the need, or desire to do the deed.

Hmm..sounds a lot like..shag it, not going there.

Than there is those that are trying to raise gender neutral children.  Take Beck Laxton, 46, and partner Kieran Cooper, 44, decided not to reveal baby Sasha's gender to the world so he would not be influenced by society's prejudices and preconceptions.

Their offspring, Sasha, was referred to as "The Infant". For the first five years life Sasha alternated between girls' and boys' outfits, leaving friends, playmates and relatives guessing. He was only allowed him to play with "gender-neutral toys" in their television-free home.

I drew the line at having the boys pee sitting down on the toilet!

Speaking of impediments to reproduction. Scientists say they have figured out how to get stem cells from human ovaries to generate egg cells. The ability to create additional eggs could give new options to some women who have trouble getting pregnant. Doctors have long believed that women are born with all the eggs they will ever have

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