Monday, February 13, 2012


"However, any action in which a man
ejaculates or otherwise deposits semen
anywhere but in a woman's vagina shall
be interpreted and construed as an
action against an unborn child."

 Rep. Constance Johnson

More wacky news from the Conservative right wing in America.  Rep Constance Johnson has attached an anti-masturbation amendment to a personhood bill in Oklahoma. Okay, it is a satirical amendment but it goes to show how extreme the pro-life movement can be.

"The Personhood bill would potentially allow governmental intrusion into families’ personal lives by policing what happens to a woman’s eggs without any similar thought to what happens to a man’s sperm.
My amendment seeks to draw attention to the absurdity, duplicity and lack of balance inherent in the policies of this state in regard to women" wrote Johnson in an opinion piece.
What is next, legislation that forces women to give birth before a certain age? Think about it an unfertilized egg is a missed opportunity to produce a person.  Remember ladies, every time you have your period, you're depriving the world of an individual who could have been a person, a leader, a doctor, the near Einstein!

The  personhood bill would force women to listen to the heartbeat of the fetus before going through with an abortion.

If nothing else, it is a great excuse to roll out some classic Monty Python.  Speaking of which, the legendary troupe hasn't made a movie together since 1983's The Meaning of Life, but that could be about to change. They are set to reunite for Absolutely Anything, a sci-fi flick about a group of aliens who bestow the powers to do "absolutely anything" upon a clueless human being in the hopes that he'll screw it all up.

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