Monday, February 13, 2012


How much does it cost to keep the wheels of the Provincial Government greased and rolling?

At least $1,382,985.29

How much does it cost the Provincial Government to keep those paper towel racks and toilet roll recipticles full?

At least $1,671,113.12.

I wonder if MHA's and Ministers receive better toilet  paper than the little people?

The Telegram is providing some insight into some of the more novel purchases and costs associated with running a government.

Interesting enough, I started browsing through the awarded tenders listed on the government's very transparent Purchasing Agency website just after the latest Auditor General's Report.  I am also trying to figure out how so much money was expended to an entity called Station Stakehouse which made the in excess of $1 million list?

Chapter Three, The Audit of the Province's Financial Statements  includes the AG's reflections, insightful graphics that illustrate how dependent we have become on one source of revenue - oil, and some alarming statistics on how much government spending has increased, and the ballooning unfunded pension liability. The liability has decreased for a number of years due to one time payment by the province to the teachers fund, but it is rising again.

For those of you that like lists, you might find the list of entities that received in excess of $1 million and $600,000 really, really interesting. Here you will see how much of your tax dollar is going to marketing companies, polling companies, surgeons, law firms, specialists and the like. Prepared to be shocked!  The list of expenditures to specialists is staggering!

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