Thursday, February 9, 2012


At the risk of pulling a Ryan Cleary, I am going to offer my support to the World Wild Life Fund's national sweater day campaign.

The purpose of the day, is to ask Canadians to take a second and consider the value of energy.  Turning down the thermostat by just a couple of degrees during the winter months can make a big difference to the impact on the environment.

Are up to the challenge?

For me this is not a huge issue. Kris and I wear sweaters and cardigans at home. We always keep the  thermostats down because we are not heat creatures, and lets face it oil is not cheap! At work, it is even a little more pragmatic. The heating system at Coughlan College is screwed up. We are baked in the summer and frozen in the Winter. 

I like the sweater girl era of the 940s and 1950s when actresses like Lana Turner and Jane Russell wore  tight sweaters Apparently, the fashion was tied to the promotion of new bra technology.

Turn down the heat.

Conserve energy and give the Holyrood pollution spewing thermal plant a break!

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