Thursday, February 16, 2012


There was a time when the Price Is Right was must see TV for me. As a boy growing up in St. Bernard's with only two television stations, the nightly broadcast was part of the routine. We would all gather in the living room and watch Bob Barker, and his lovelies, on our black and white T.V. The shouting, higher - lower was as loud in our house as it was on the television.

It is a wonder that Bob Barker's back was not snapped by those jumping contestants that would run-up to him, hug him and not let go!

A while back, I found a copy of The Price Is Right video game in a bin at Walmart. I picked it up for the novelty, but I don't think we have even put it in the Wii! I can not remember the last time I watched the game show.  Barker is retired, Drew Carey is the new host and it remains wildly popular.

VOCM is reporting that a  21-year-old Mount Pearl woman,  Brittany McCarthy will be seen on contestant's row today. The show was taped last month.  She had been vacationing with family in Los Angles when the opportunity presented itself.

She is not allowed to say if she won anything.

Folks will have to tune in today to  see.

Can you get the Price if Right on a torrent?