Monday, February 13, 2012


For those of you that want to understand the nuts and bolts of the often misunderstood Newfoundland and Labrador Offshore Petroleum Board, The Telegram has all you can digest.
The paper ran a six part series all last week examining the regulatory agency and all they do. The articles by Ashley Fitzpatrick provide an intimate glimpse into the organizations role overseeing  operator activity for legislative and regulatory compliance in areas of safety, environmental protection, resource management and industrial benefits.

I read the opening article on Saturday, February 4th. I decided to wait until the weekend to read the rest of series together. It is my hope that the Telegram will post the complete series as one document on their web site. It is the type of in-depth reporting that only a newspaper/magazine  can do. If you are interested in understanding the boards mandate, this is an excellent source.

One  intriguing fact, amongst the many,  current Chair, Max Ruelokke P.Eng, is much more than a career bureaucrat. He started out in life as a deep sea diver, operating a company that lost a number of employees, and freinds, when the Ocean Ranger capsized. His attachment and commitment to offshore safety is much more than a pay cheque, it is deeply personal.

This revelation certainly puts his role into a new perspective. Can you think of anyone better, with a stronger industry and professional background, to be chair. It also made me reflect on the criticism that the board received, and continues to receive related to safety, and how those barbs must have felt for individuals like Ruelokke.

Unfortunately for us, he is set to retire this October!

Kudos to The Telegram for the great reporting and the CNOPB for the transparency.

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Anonymous said...

"Can you think of anyone better, with a stronger industry and professional background, to be chair."

No - which made Danny's costly legal hissyfit to prevent his being hired all the more bizarre.