Wednesday, February 15, 2012


C..B.C. Fisheries Broadcast Host John Furlong appears to have made a conscious decision in the lead-up to his retirement, to become as much of the story, as telling the story.

With something like thirty years as a journalist-broadcaster, the last five or so as host of the Broadcast, Furlong has made it clear that he does not care what people think of him, he is going to speak his mind.

In my humble opinion, this dinosaur, compared to the younger unbiased journalists, is using public resources to articulate a view of the fishery, and those that work in it, that reflects the corporate capitalism models proposed by OCIs of this world.

His opinions, build on decades of knowledge, hundreds of interviews with fisher people, government, politicians, buyers, sellers, plant workers and union organizers, have become more and more biased over the past months.

He is the  host of a show with a specific mandate to offer diverse viewpoints from five different entities in an impartial and neutral way.  Instead, he has become a columnist whose opinions color the iconic show.  By expressing his personal opinion he has blurred the line and can no longer claim to be impartial.

I am not advocating that he be fired, but redeployed, so that the broadcast can return to being an unbiased force for balance in delivering the complex, often competing, perspective of all of the voices in the Newfoundland Fishery.

Who wants to tune into a show designed to inform fisher people about markets, trends, prices, weather, politics and the like when the host is telling you your way of life is all but gone and that you are a bunch of whiners who expect to be treated different than every one else.

It is unacceptable.


Anonymous said...

Right on Pete. He should be reassigned. He has turned out to be condescending and opinionated. I would not be surprised if ends up working as a P.R. person for the processors or even OCI

Anonymous said...

Better watch it you are going to get in trouble with Eddie and Geoff. Furlong has the endorsement of the CBC brass..they see him as balanced.

Cyril Rogers said...

Given his Conservative leanings, he has become a stealthy voice for the provincial and federal governments, unwittingly or otherwise. He is merely voicing what they would never say publicly.

Anonymous said...

What is it with these media types that go Conservative. Perhaps he will join Puffy Duffy and Pamela Wallwin in the Canadian Senate.