Wednesday, February 22, 2012


Not withstanding the legitimate pain, suffering and legal rights of the nine women who are suing Eastern Health because their breasts were removed by mistake following inaccurate cancer tests, the CBC story during the 8:30 news was disingenuous.

Earlier in the morning, I heard an interview between Eastern Health CEO Vickie Kaminski and CBC Morning Show Host Anthony Germaine in which the issues of why the authority is refusing to send the women's medical records to an expert for an examination.

The explanation was quite clear and direct: There is only one actual tissue samples in each case and the authority says it can not risk loosing those originals. When asked why the RCMP regularly send DNA examples around to each other, she said that was because they have duplicates of the original sample, Eastern only has the one original sample.

As well,  Kaminski stated that the medical consultants for the nine women are welcome to examine the original  samples, but they have to do so at Eastern's facilities.

The 8:30 report, indicated that Kaminski and Eastern health would not comment on the issue. Considering that the CEO had done an interview on the matter earlier in the morning, the report was inaccurate. In addition, during her interview, Kaminski corrected Germaine when he asked why Eastern Health had changed their minds about granting an interview. Apparently, the CBC request came late yesterday afternoon and no one available at that time to meet the CBC deadline. There is a big difference between not being able to meet a reporters deadline and not being prepared to do an interview.

No doubt this was the same story that had been filed earlier in the morning, but the CBC has an obligation to get the news right. In this case, they did not. It was almost as if someone chose to ignore the Kaminski interview and keep the sensational story from the morning rolling.

In the end, what I heard from Eastern Health was that the women's lawyers can have access to the medical record, that the original samples can not be moved, but they are available for investigation and that the authority was available to discuss the issue

I have been, and will continue to be critical of Eastern Health, but when they answer questions and provide explanations, that needs to be noted as well.

It makes me wonder sometimes, who is using who, and for what?

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