Friday, February 24, 2012


Soldier with guns.
in our cities....
we did not make this up 
Choose your Canada

Now, I am not saying that I am shocked, surprised or grinning my frigging face off, but the Toronto Star Story of last evening regarding the Military being directed to do damage control for a Defense Minister really shows how fascist the Conservatives are in action. 

Apparently, the Military with nothing else to do, say - like the war in Afghanistan or searching for lost kids on ice pans, but search for everything, and anything, they could find on Newfoundland M.P., Scott Simms, who incidentally was very critical of Peter MacKay's  use of a SAR Cormorant helicopter to pick him up from a private fishing lodge on the Gander River.

 So, the  Five, Four, Three and Two star generals started frantically thumbing through ever newspaper clipping, travel log information and reference to Simms. The mission: Find information that might take the edge of Simms’ criticisms.

Now no  big deal, but what the heck has happened at NDHQ since Newfoundlander Rick Hillier passed in his keys to Hummer.  You can bet your last dime on the indisputable conclusion that Rick would not have allowed his military to be used as a propaganda and surveillance arm of the Conservative Party of Canada. The place would have went-up like George Street at closing time.

Imagine now, the military, out digging up shit to discredit, or "take the edge of Simms’ criticisms".  Perhaps, I am being a little alarmist, I mean these guys that are in the P.M.O, there are Canadians - just like us. That share the same ideals we share, like freedom of expression, association, and democracy. These guys earned a majority of the support in this country to govern.

It is clear cut, this gang of Conservative zealots, that had less the 40% of the vote in the last election, will do anything to protect themselves, including mobilizing the military against a Member of Parliament!

Wicked, in a very WTF way!

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