Friday, February 24, 2012


A big night for the Provincial Grits - they are holding their annual auction and Leader's Dinner tonight at the Knights of Columbus, 49 St. Claire Avenue.

Supporters are asked to bring their chequebooks, shovels and perhaps, a pillow.

The leader for tonight is current interim leader Dwight Ball.

The grits have had three leaders in the past six months. No date has been announced for an actual leadership convention to fill the job on a permanent basis.

Apparently, tickets are going fast, so if you want to reserve your seat, you had better make a call to Liberal HQ right-away

Tickets are $40 each or $400 a table.

The key-note speaker is interim leader Dwight Ball, who has stated that he would like the job on a permanent basis.  Should be a riveting night! If there ever was a time for a barn burner of a speech to lift the souls and spirits of the party faithful, this is the night.

The House of Assembly will re-open on March 5th. It sat for a total of 33 days in 2011!

That said, by design or default, the Liberals appear to be finally getting their act together. Full marks for effective use of social media over the fall and winter. MHA's have been on hand in St. John's for media interviews, the staff are doing a great job and the critics, for the most part, are making headlines. I would single out rookie M.H.A's Jim Bennett and Andrew Parsons for MVP awards.

I hope that this new found work ethic and dedication to keeping the government accountable, and providing solutions to complex public issues has registered with potential supporters.  Supporting events like tonight's auction and dinner will help fund the party's new Executive Director's salary and dig the party out from the $800,000 debt that has gone unpaid for nearly a decade.

 Guests are anticipating a near-frantic level of excitement and enthusiasm.

 Onward and upwards!


Wm. Murphy said...

"Guests are anticipating a near-frantic level of excitement and enthusiasm".

sometimes I have a problem distiguishing sarcasm!!

I'm sure it will be a night to remember...a barn burner for sure!!

Peter L. Whittle said...

Thanks for not letting that one slide. :)

Anonymous said...

Wish them all the best. However, listening to Ball would not be my cup of tea.