Wednesday, February 15, 2012


A few years ago, a neighbor of mine had agreed to babysit another neighbors kid. We are all a close lot and often look after each others kids

At some point in the night the little boy (5) woke-up and made his way home, a few houses away. He did so without waking the family he was staying with or his own family. He just wandered home in the middle of the night, walked into his own bedroom and crawled under the sheets.

In the morning my neighbor panicked, the child left in her care was gone. His own mother was not aware that he had come home. He could have wandered up the street, into traffic or been picke-up by someone.

Fortunately for all involved, he had just woken up and returned home.

The story of a six-year-old girl from Hearts Delight that left her babysitters yesterday afternoon is a little more complex. The little girl left the babysitters and walked half-a-kilometre barefoot, crossed an engorged brook before arriving at the town hall.

She was sent to the hospital for observation. The babysitter, was looking after three children at the time of the incident. It appears she did not realize that the six-year-old had left!

The story of the Hearts Delight child  has a happy ending. The child might have been swept away by the strong current in a little brook that was overflowing due to the melting from Sunday's rainstorm. Imagine the fall-out. The accusations in light of a child just vanishing?

Entrusting  your child to a babysitter is a major responsibility.  While we celebrate the safe return of one six-year-old-girl, we are reminded that children can move quickly, that we must mind them when they are in our care. 

A babysitter’s primary function is to care for your children.


Anonymous said...

The price you pay for cutting corners.There are hundreds of in-house sitters hiding from revenue canada. They throw the tv on and forget the kids.

Quality daycare costs more but the children are safe, they is looked after better.

Anonymous said...

The little girl and the so called baby sitter are some lucky. I doubt the sitter will be in much demand after this