Tuesday, January 31, 2012


What a frigging mess! What a frigging hassle! What a frigging day!

I got the message at 11:20 - Schools in St. John's will be closing at 11:40. With three kids in three different schools, I knew the logistics of collecting all three was going to be a royal pain, however I was completely unprepared for the state of the roads. Blowing snow, deadly slippery roads, drifts and white outs.

The Prince Phillip Drive to Logy Bay Road was scary. You can't see the traffic lights until you are on them, cars are zig-zaging around trying to find traction. I have a four wheel drive with four new studded tires...useless! The trip back to work, was worse than getting the kids home.

Snow plows, ambulances, school buses and Metrobuses are overturned over, stuck and off the road! Just look at the chaos unfolding at the CBC Storm Centre.

Pussy cat storms and they close the city down...a real storm, with blizzard conditions and we all have to report to work. I can only imagine the turmoil come 4:30.

I know, you can not win for loosing in these situations, but with the RCMP advising people on the North East Avalon to stay off the roads...why are offices not closed?


What A frigging Day!

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